Diagnostic and treatment services for children, adolescents and adults, individual or group psychotherapy services and counseling services for families and couples


The diagnostic team of the Institute provides services for children, adolescents and adults. The Institute arranges diagnostic sessions for individuals, couples, families, adolescents, children with a professional team that consists of a Clinical Psychologist, Special Educator, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist.

The aim of the session is to expose, explore and recommend the most appropriate intervention. Three diagnostic Play therapeutic sessions are usually proposed for children in order to diagnose the underlying «difficulty» as well as their play ability that is interconnected with their cognitive, emotional and social level.


The psychotherapeutic approach is based on the techniques of Play Therapy, Drama therapy and Family therapy.

Sessions may be individual or in groups. Play Therapy is specially advised for children from the age of three and over that have difficulty in understanding and or expressing emotions, have gone through upsetting events that might not the chance to sort out properly (e.g. sudden separation, neglect, family break drown, depression, aggression…).

Drama therapy is recommended for groups such as adolescents, parents, families, self- development, creative expression etc.

Play and Drama therapy is mainly based on the fact that several times children as well as adults have a difficulty in discerning or sharing with words what is troubling them. Playing and or enacting facilitates expression that may help in making sense of an experience, manage to cope better, reduce anxiety, change behavior, improve relations with the self, the family, friends etc.


The Institute provides support and advices for adults, families, couples, mental health professionals, teachers, etc.

All services can be arranged individually or in groups.