The seminars refer to people who are engaged in social and human sciences and are interested in becoming furthermore acquainted with play and its forms in their lives.

The duration of the seminars is two academic years.
During the first year the persons concerned participate in experiential, independent groups of creative expression, reclaiming techniques of Play Therapy such as: voice, movement, improvisation, roles, myths, fairy tales, play, drawing e.t.c.
Through this experiential action the person is facilitated in acknowledging, expressing and expanding his/her dynamic as well as discovering the importance of play in his/her life.

On the second year theoritical seminars about play are being performed. The topics approached regard its history, different kinds of play, the evolutionary stages of play in relation to the psychosocial development of children, the applications of educational play e.t.c.

Alongside the trainees will have the opportunity to coordinate a play group of preschool and school children as part of their practice.

Fullfiling the programme will give the participants the ability to make use of play as a tool for the development, education,prevention and rise of awareness in children.

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